Academic year

The school runs from January to December and is divided into the following terms:
First Term& Second Term .


TMS is the trailblazer of educated the Hifz class with a view to give an over-riding status to the noble practice of committing the Holy Quran to memory. Hifz Class enjoys VIP status with well-furnished and fully good environmental classes. These students will be an undeniable source of divine blessings for us and salvation for their parents as well on the Day of Judgment.

Religious Training

Special Arrangements have been made for purpose teaching of Nazra of Quran for all students simultaneously with the general education, fehm-e-quran courses and Seerat (PBPH) Clasese are held frequently in the Holy Month of Ramazan and throughout the year with a view to disseminate religious enlightment.

Playgrounds and Physical Training

The School is provided with the vast field for playing Basketball, Football, Tabel Tennis, Badminton and cricket. Proper attention is given to the athletics and physical training.