The members of the teaching staff are highly qualified and well experienced. They are zealously committed to the noble performance of the teaching. They have the experience of teaching in English medium and public schools.


All possible efforts are made to keep the curriculum upto date and realistic .English, an international language, is used as the medium of instruction; while the importance Urdu as a National language is not compromised at all. The syllabi are designed to prepare the students for matriculation. However, additional text books are also prescribed to enable the students to keep themselves abreast of the modern developments in various disciplines. It is drawn up with a view to make best use of the most of the time available to develop every faculty of the children. Equal stress is laid upon work in class and outside activities.

Attendance and Leave

Attendance is recorded twice daily and the children who are found absent without a valid reason are liable to a fine of rupees fifty (Rs. 50/-) per day, Which is debited to their account at the end of the each month, Absence on account of the illness must be supported by applications. Name of the students being absent without leave for six consecutive days will be struck off the school roll. The re-admission fee will be submitted.


Exams or monthly tests are held throughout the session according to the calendar of events and the parents concerned are kept informed regarding the Academics progress of their children regularly through Progress Reports. Secondary School Certificate examination held by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Lahore shall be followed by the school accordingly.

TMS academy arranging complete board exams preparation from class 5th to onward with very talented faculty + updated board criteria + test session.