About Us

TM school System in an educational and research project of the TF Foundation, which comprises a chain of co-education English Medium Schools with ‘all teachers faculty’ in the school the syllabus is at par with the quality schools in the country. This is a unique school for Spiritual & Modern Knowledge.

TM School System is a happy caring school with a friendly family atmosphere. We maintain high standards of education and behavior. We are committed to the Staff of partnership with parents and believe that children learn best when home and school are in harmony. The school receives active support and encouragement from parents and governors, both of whom are fully involved in the life of the school. Some of the salient features are:

“Learning is very effectively enriched by well planned activities and a variety of school clubs accessible to all pupils.”

“Adults in the school are unfailingly caring and considerate towards pupils whatever their academic ability, strengths or weaknesses. The school provides proper support, advice, guidance and successfully involves pupils in the life of the school.”

“Links are very good with parents and the community. The school employs an impressive range of effective methods for letting parents know how their children are getting on.”

We have continued to work hard and improve the provision for our pupils. This prospectus provides information on the school’s aims, curriculum organization and activities. We try to create a happy, stimulating environment for all pupils, setting up and expecting the highest standards.